Make sure to update to Robo3T 1.3!

Robo3T is a pretty convenient tool to work with MongoDB databases. Version 1.3 came out over a year ago, so this post might seem terribly outdated, but it’s worth putting out because I just now I realized that one of the improvements in 1.3 is that it encrypts connection passwords instead of saving them as plaintext on disk.

I had 1.2 and 1.3 installed side by side (for no good reason, to be honest) but after realizing this, I immediately uninstalled version 1.2 and deleted the folder where passwords are stored in plaintext: C:\Users\<username>\.3T\robo-3t\1.2.1\ (and earlier). If for whatever reason you’re still using version 1.2 today, I strongly suggest you install 1.3, copy your connection info if necessary (I don’t remember if it did this automatically for me or not when I first installed it), remove 1.2 and clean up after it ASAP.

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